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Lady Di back in Scotrail colours, ready to star at DRS open day - Friday 10th June

Scotrail COLOURS

An iconic passenger locomotive from the 1980s has been restored and repainted into the historic colour scheme that it was most associated with. Class 47/7 No. 47712, which once carried the name Lady Diana Spencer, is now back in the attractive Chris Green-inspired ScotRail livery that it wore during its time working the intensive Edinburgh-Glasgow push-pull services.

The Brush-built Type 4 diesel has been given considerable attention by members of the Crewe Diesel Preservation Group (CDPG) since its purchase in 2013, after becoming surplus to Direct Rail Services requirements. Initially based at the Crewe Heritage Centre, it moved to the Weardale Railway where the loco has latterly provided traction for the winter season Polar Express charter workings.

During down-time, the opportunity has been taken to re-instate the vacuum-brake system, overhaul numerous components and make cosmetic improvements such as removing the multiple working and re-instating the distinctive front end TDM cables. Much of this effort has only been possible due to the help of Weardale Railway volunteers. The repainting was undertaken by RMS Locotecs Wolsingham workshop. RMS have, in the past, only repainted locomotives from their own group and this is the first job they have done for an external customer.

The result of all this hard work is a fully-operational, reliable, dual-braked, ETH-fitted locomotive. Now that the exterior renovation has been completed, the owning group is actively encouraging invitations for a revitalised 47712 to attend and perform at diesel galas, special events and open days.

The first public display of No. 47712 in its new coat of old colours is scheduled to be at Carlisle Kingmoor Open Day on Saturday, July 18th, when visitors to the DRS headquarters will be able to meet the owners and inspect the locomotive more closely.

Originally numbered D1948, the locomotive entered traffic in August 1966 before being fitted with electric train heat equipment and renumbered 47505 in 1974. In 1979, it was chosen to become part of the Scottish Class 47/7+DBSO push-pull project and emerged from Crewe Works later that year, wearing the new identity of 47712.

It was named Lady Diana Spencer as a result of a Radio Clyde suggestion competition won by Mr Robert Cooney. The then BRB Chairman, Sir Peter Parker, revealed the plates on April 30, 1981, at Glasgow Queen Street station. ScotRail blue-stripe livery was applied during overhaul at Crewe Works in early 1985, and was carried until overhaul at Doncaster in 1991.

Monday 31st March 2014

Heat Exchange

That is the re-engineered heat exchanger end cap fitted.

Thursday 27th March 2014

Heat Exchange HeatExchange

The heat exchanger end cap arrives after repairing the severe pitting that lead to failure. Now awaiting coolant hoses to be manufactured. To return 47712 to service.

47712 Hit by Component Theft - Thursday 1st August 2013


Earlier this month 47712 was discovered to have been struck by thieves removing components from its electrical cubicle during a period of 8 hours where it was unattended.

A number of major components were stolen and the vehicle left as if untouched! Due to the components removed 47712 is now non operational however serious inroads into sourcing components has been made and it is CDPG's aim to have her operational by year end at the latest. please keep an eye on this page and join us on Facebook for updates and chat as we may have something of interest for her return.

Back in VAC - Thursday 18th April 2013

Brake Indicator VAC Guage VAC pipe

The group have been working hard on 47712 to reinstate the VAC braking system and on the 18/04/13 the VAC braking system was reinstated after around 4 years of redundancy. Thanks to The Cambrian Diesel Group for pooled tooling resources.

Day 1 - Saturday 6th March 2013 12:00

47712 is moved to its new base where it will recieve uplift program assesment and re-livery over the next few weeks.